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Unless you're on a mountain top you will probably find 2300mm or so starting to be more seeing affected than anything else. That's a plus for the bigger pixel for longer focal length which is the usual wisdom - larger pixels (9 micron) for longer focal length. 2300 is getting up there. 2900-3000mm for sure. You may get away with it. Typical seeing we get in Oz means 1500mm probably is the cutoff for the small pixel. That's just an educateed guess.

8300 chip on my CDK17 is useless unless seeing is really good and then I don't feel inclined to swap cameras. The 9 micron 16803 is a good match and when the seeing is good it simply gets sharper. Thats at around 3 metres. I get blurrier, less sharp images from the 8300 on that scope compared to the 16803.

As Peter says you can always bin but I also find binning 2x2 on narrowband at 3 metres and 16803 works great.

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