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depends on your seeing Doug, which will generally be what determines the best resolution you can get. I find that most of the time, good seeing is about 2 arc sec FWHM. If this is the same where you are, you will not need much better than 1 arcsec per pixel to get the best combination of resolution and sensitivity. At 2286mm fl, as you say, you would be best off with one of the 9 micron chips - anything with smaller pixels and you lose sensitivity for no gain in resolution - a chip with 5.4 micron pixels would have about 1/3 the sensitivity, all else being equal. Binning would restore sensitivity, but introduces some other issues such as reduced field of view and transfer cell saturation. Probably worth going for a 9 micron chip with good quantum efficiency though - available chips vary a lot in this parameter. And of course there is the issue of cost, which a whole other minefield. Regards Ray
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