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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
What did you think you were buying when paying under $100 for software worth over $1,000?

Caveat emptor.
Makes you wonder...

Message everyone: Adobe ONLY sells its own software online through its own store. There are NO sanctioned download agents for its high-end (i.e. non "free" downloads such as Reader) products. There are plenty that advertise box sets online and are genuine (DSE, OfficeWorks, etc). This is different.

I'm at a bit of a loss in regards to what was expected by shopping on eBay where you're actively LOOKING at prices in the $100 range. Software doesn't lose its shelf retail value because it's superceded. Some users won't be able to run the CS4 suite on their hardware, so some retail stores are still relied upon by Adobe to be make CS3 available to those who want it. They close it down on their own download site, that's all. I used to work for a couple of large Apple dealers years ago (Avante Systems and Logical Solutions), and we did just that.

Originally Posted by Ian Robinson View Post
This is my first and last software purchase via Ebay.
I should hope so.

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