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Originally Posted by CB View Post
Hi Geoff
I am now going up on the 15th now.
Do you camp and set up under the trees or out in the middle just so I have an idea

Chris, speaking historically, the usual spot was down the back (the eastern boundary), just inside the back fence, between the junction of the two small rivers on the left (and the picnic table) and the farmers gate on the right. This provides a grassed area, clear overhead views, is not usually favoured by caravaners who seek shade under the trees, and has minimal through traffic as its past the end of the track. I have attached a few photos which I took at one of the past trips. You can clearly see Geoff's red van in the first photo, with Al wandering arounding in the hat.
Note I am assuming that is still the favoured spot. Geoff will advise.
Wish I could go.
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