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Thanks Martin and Jeff. I don't have any problem with 2 or 3 star align, and the polar alignment process itself is going well. It's just that the adjustment using the big bolts is really doing my head in, and I'm starting to think it might be because the polar alignment star I'm choosing is more or less perpendicular to the north-south axis. This means any adjustment of the alt bolts is less directly observable through the eyepiece, if that makes sense.

The detail you've provided is great Martin, so I think I'm going to have a clearer idea of the process for next time. I'm going to try and find a star near the meridian, as close to the SCP as possible. It's cloudy here at the moment, but looking at Stellarium it seems Atria might be a good candidate. In the past I've been using Spica, and I think this is just the wrong star to be using for a polar alignment.
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