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Originally Posted by pvelez View Post
Hey Rick, is there any news?

Very keen to do this - I keep receiving invites to workshops but sadly my Spanish is not good enough for me to head to Valencia and Tucson is a bit of a stretch

Hi Pete. No, I haven't heard any more from Vicent.

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Why don't you do one Rick? You seem to know a lot about PI and have been using it successfully for some time.

Some times guys who do talks about software have images that don't show any expertise at all. Yours do - that's your licence.

Sorry I missed your post, Greg. I have been talking about doing a local (Brisbane) workshop for a while. I should get off my butt and organise it. I wasn't thinking of anything grand... just a quick intro to the basics and a run through of a simple workflow. The boardroom at work has a projector and room for a smallish group. I know there is enough interest that I'd have to do it a couple of times (or find a bigger venue.)

Anything longer or better than an impromptu few hours is probably out of the question for me. I have put together and delivered training courses in IT products before and I am under no illusions about how much work it is. Maybe when I retire

Originally Posted by ghsmith45 View Post
Now there's the beginning of a good idea. Why not get a group of Pi users together to give presentations and have discussions/workshops. With PI being as vast as it is I'm sure most of us have found useful things that other users are unaware of or haven't explored.
That's a great idea, Geoff. We've had a few small, informal meetings of Brisbane based PI users. Something a little more structured could work well for a larger group.

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