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PixInsight workshop in Australia


Vicent Peris from the PixInsight Development Team is interested in offering one of his workshops in Australia. Current thinking is that he would do the workshop in Sydney in early February next year. It would be a two day event (14/15 hours total) and the cost would be approximately 250 (currently about $368 AUD).

He'd need to get around 25 people along to make the trip pay for itself and he would also need some local help with the logistics. Hence this post to gauge the level of interest from the IIS community and see if there is anybody in Sydney willing to volunteer to assist.

Here's some information on a workshop he is doing in the USA in June: You'll note it is somewhat cheaper than the proposed AU one. That's sadly due to the tyranny of distance.

Please post in this thread if you're interested in coming, helping or both. Any other constructive feedback would be appreciated. I think it's a great opportunity to learn from an expert and I will be there with bells on

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