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Very true. All scopes except Astrophysics ones have shortcomings of one type or another.
Weeelll a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y some have had to shim their AP focusers aaaand Planewave too, if I am not mistaken in order to get good orthogonality sooooo if I could do that with the AG12 (which I haven't) I would have better field flatness across my 16803 field too

The fun is getting out and producing some images you are happy with.
Ah huh!! EXACTLLY and this is the key besides, hows 2 finalist images in APOTY, two overall wins at SPSP and two features in IIS calendars sound for a not peeeerfectly flat field? not that that is important at all but mega data and perfect flat fields at all costs can consume some when in the end it is completed and nicely processed images that count... regardless of spot sizes
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