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Mike, Greg, good posts. Agree, the fun really is in getting images you are happy with and modern low cost gear is able to do that for most people.

Agree also on the obsession with star shapes - it is cosmetically nice to have consistent stars across an image and something to be aimed at, but if the object of interest is a small galaxy in the centre of the field, it probably does not really matter a whole lot if the stars in the top left corner have 15% elongation. Stars should not be round anyway - they should be points. We are used to seeing round stars because that is what diffraction and seeing produces - but round stars are really only an artefact that shows how imperfect the "perfect" telescopes are - even the best of them cannot resolve stars as the points they really are. So the obsession with round star shapes is really a desire to produce stars that are equally wrong over the whole field.

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