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Cool Saturn V Flight Manual

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the flight of Apollo 11, it can be
instructive and illuminating to browse some of the historical documents
of the time.

Like all aircraft, the Saturn V came with its own flight manual for the crew.
Essentially an "Owner's Manual" for a rocket.

This 254 page document was prepared for Flight SA-203, which was
the Apollo 8 mission.

As its forward describes :-




This manual was prepared to provide the astronaut with a single source reference as to the characteristics and functions of the SA-503 launch vehicle and the AS-503 manned flight mission. A revision to the manual, incorporating the latest released data on the vehicle and mission, will be released approximately 30 days prior to the scheduled launch date.

The manual provides general mission and performance data, emergency detection system information, a description of each stage and the IU, and a general discussion of ground support facilities, equipment, and mission control. A bibliography identifies additional references if a more comprehensive study is desired.
It is a document of great beauty and by briefly describing each of the
sub-systems with just enough information to boggle the mind, in
doing that it betrays the immense amount of painstaking work, skill
and dedication that went into designing, building, testing and
documenting each of those components.

400,000 people worked on the Apollo project after all, so it is impossible
for any one human mind to understand in complete detail the minutiae
of all its technology and operations.

Nevertheless, put yourself in the shoes of an Apollo astronaut when
browsing this document, as it is one of many thousands you would
have needed to absorb as part of your training.

Saturn V Flight Manual - 254 pages - scanned PDF :-
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