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newby intro

I've just joined group. I'm a total novice at astrophotography and coming to grips with the prerequisite equipment to do it properly without upsetting the retirement finances. I have decent CANON lenses, DSLR, tripod, etc., and a bit of experience with regular photography including wildlife photography and extended exposure imaging with ND filters, but have no astro tracking gear. I live in Wahroonga at present but am moving to a less light-polluted place in the next few years (Wentworth Falls), which would legitimise me acquiring a decent telescope to enjoy the amazing clear skies up there.
I'm most interested to learn how to "do things right" to facilitate good image capture & stacking more so than to try to have the biggest and best gear, but no knowledge of how to use it. YouTube videos have provided good insights so far.
I'm looking forward to learning from this group and sharing my learning experience as appropriate.
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