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Originally Posted by dan_iana View Post
Long time lurker but only recently started posting.

My partner (Iana) and I (Daniel) started astro mid last year from our backyard in the inner west of Sydney. We started with planteray imaging and have now started dabbling in DSO imaging. Love it all so far.

Can understand how some can find the hobby frustrating but we tend to get excited over the small wins and everytime we get the gear out, we improve in some way (whether it be polar alignment, acquisiton, processing or being able to take longer exposures as we've finally got autoguiding working to some degree).

Running a Az-Eq 6 GT, C8 Edge HD (with reducer for DSO) and recently purchased a 1600mm Pro and ZWOs new narrowband filter set
Can confirm the excitment these 2 had in purchasing the mono camera! big things ahead for them!
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