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Thank you for testing the driver Patrice. I have uploaded the new version, 0.6.1L. The firmware is the same, v0.3L.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw the list of bugs... luckily it was all caused by one problem which was copied and pasted to multiple places. Imagine holding the offset up button so offset goes from 0 to 127. As it increments by one, normally it would send 127 messages to the camera to increase the offset by one - slow and not very good. I had to slow them down using timers and there was a problem there. Of course the same code was reused for multiple parameters (gain, offset, reading time, cooler start and max, slow cooling setting and the condensation warning).

Here is what is going on, I should have probably explained this earlier:
- There is only one settings window now. The parts of the window get hidden, depending if it is opened from ASCOM properties or from the imaging software.
- The missing OK and cancel button when opened from APT is fine as they are not used.
- When opened from APT, the settings are updated "almost" immediately. I said "almost" because, for example, we don't want to change gain half-way through taking an image.
- The result of this is reduced imaging time per image by about 0.2s.
- Note that if you type any values into any of the input fields, you will need to press enter or to click somewhere else before taking a shot. To give an example, if you go to offset box and type 5 and then click "shoot" in APT, the Windows will first start the shooting and then immediately change the gain. The result is that the image will be taken with the old gain and then the next image will be taken with the new gain of 5. This is a Windows thing. You should enter 5 and then press enter and then click on "shoot". Alternatively using the up/down buttons, no enter is needed then.

New additions:
1. I made the software remember and restore the position of the settings (only if settings are opened from APT). I got annoyed with continuously having to move the window out of the way when it got opened.
2. I finished the condensation warning code so it checks for errors now. You should not see false warnings any more. I have also noticed that occasionally the humidity reading returns weird values, probably because we don't have the humidity sensor installed. Not sure.

By the way, the ROI (Region of interest) option in APT is working since I fixed the binning bug

Can you please check for bugs again and if it is working fine redistribute on the webastro so they can do more testing.
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