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Luka, a first quick test shows some bug:
I do not have the DHT22 just 18bs20 but the temperature and humidity displays Hallucinating values and alert displays.
The Max setting of the TEC is not right there is an offset (set to 80%, stop at 82%)
The gain and offset settings are not backed up correctly after has reopened the box, error of 1 or 2 different, not always the same value (example setting gain 16 offset -17, after Reopening the dialog box gain 15 offset -15)

The departure of the TEC works well and read time also.
No OK button, is it normal?

Here is a first return I continue my search...

Screenshot with error here

Edit: It seems that if you go through the properties before connecting the camera (shift-click) everything works correctly, the settings are saved, and there is the OK button going through there; The bugs are just going through the APT button setting.
The Min setting of the TEC is really useful, descent much faster .


About the cooling power setting, it acts on what in reality because it is not on the frequency and you said above that PB0 is just a switch ???

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