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New driver is in the usual spot, version 0.6L and also the new firmware 0.3L.

Humidity/dew point information (untested)
Option to enter TEC starting power and TEC max power (untested)
Warnings about possible condensation
Complete rework of how settings work behind the scenes
Added about box
Bug fixes etc...

As before I could not test anything that involves cooling, including any of the new options. I will leave that to the guys with working cooling.

I had a last-minute idea to add warnings when the sensor temperature gets close to the dew-point. There is a box on the top of the settings window without a label with "5" in it. That means that you will get a warning if the sensor temperature is less than 5 degrees above the dew point.
I will need to rework the interface to fit this and a label for it somewhere but not tonight, need to get some rest. Also this value is not getting stored if you close the program (yet), as I said, last minute addition.

So, can you please test everything, and especially things that involve cooling. Again, lots of things were changed so don't rely that anything that worked is still working.

I think we are close to the final version... hm, don't I say that with every new version

P.S. I rearranged files on our GD. Everything is still there but it may have been moved.
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