Thread: QSI vs ST-8300M
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QSI vs ST-8300M

I have a SBIG ST-8300M. It runs well but is a bit heavy when mated with my filterwheel.

With the ever increasing A$, I'm tempted to trade up to the QSI 583 wsg. Its smaller, lighter and will do away with the guidescope I have. Downside is cost (as always) and the suggestions I've read that the small filters (1.25") can vignette.

I have an RC8 - f8 so I have no issues with the ST-8300. Its too heavy for my SN8 - at f4 I used a MPCC when running the camera without the FW. I could use it with the QSI I guess.

So what's the verdict - is it worth trading up/over?

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