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Ah, I need to leave a cap off as well so I can observe the worm cycle while manually turning the gearing for each axis. Last year when I went through this process I had already installed both caps, so when I turned the spurs manually after reassembling the mount I didn't have a way to see where the worm was rotationally.

Still I'm not sure it could have been the worms that were the problem. My diagnosis was that those sticky spots were problems with the large cogs rather than the worms. If were the worm instead I would have expected A LOT more sticky spots. Here's why - I literally sat there and spun each axis 360 with my finger on the spur. It took a long time for each axis but I wanted to feel where the problems were. If the sticky spot had been a single point on the worm, I should have felt it at regular intervals. Also, I should have felt more than just three or four in a full 360 of each axis.

Does that make sense?

I really appreciate your feedback on this. My new EQ-G arrived today and I'm determined to lick my hypertuning mystery this time around.
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