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I probably won't ask this question very cleary so please pardon my stumbling through the wording.

When I hypertuned my first Atlas there was a point in the reassembly where everything but the motors had been installed. The instructions I used directed me to reach into the motor compartment and feel where the worm spur gears protrude into the compartment via the slots in the walls. If I could turn them with my finger tips and thus make that axis slowly move, then supposedly that meant everything was meshed welll. On the other hand if one or both spurs could not be moved with my fingers it supposedly meant the meshes were too tight, and therefor the motors would have difficulty moving them as well.

Did you go through a similar process in appraising the tightness or looseness of your gear meshes after reassembling the mount?

The problem I had was annoying. As I turned the spur with my fingers, it would go smoothly until reaching what felt like a sticky spot. I had to push harder to get past that sticky spot, then it got smooth again until the next one. On the RA axis I had one or two spots, but on the DEC it was more like 4-6.
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