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Originally Posted by Troy View Post
thanks Troy.

Originally Posted by Sebbie View Post
Great work Maurice, GRS region showing a lot of detail.
Thank you Sebastian

Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
Not bad Maurice. The colour looks a little washed out but the detail is pretty reasonable. Do you think you will get a Mars image like last 25" opposition?

I saw Jupiter myself for the first time the other night in what was reasonable seeing until I setup and then it slowly went to pot. Not like the heady days of 2006-2008 when the seeing was on tap. Good to see an RC imaging. I have been contemplating selling my C14 and getting an RC16 for this very task. Cooling it might mean working on a new modification to the RC though.
Thanks Paul.
Unless the seeing improves, I don't think that there is any chance of getting a Mars shot like those from 2003.
The RC probably isn't the best choice for planetary work, but I do have plans of making a new smaller secondary just for planetary work. The best design so far looks like it will make the whole system work natively at about F/17.5
Central obstruction reduces from about 42% to 30% (limited by the baffle tube/central hole in the primary).
Cooling is always an issue, but it seems easier to manage in an open tube design than in an SCT.

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