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Originally Posted by morls View Post
A few things...I already have an 8mm, and although it's not top quality it does the job until I get an 8 or 9mm premium. I'm going to keep note of how many times I can use the 8mm over the next few months, as I don't want to spend premium $ on a seldom used eyepiece.
This 16mm will replace the ok-quality 15mm I have. At the moment I have a 35mm, 15mm and 8mm. I have a loose system in mind for my basic eyepiece setup regarding FOV and exit pupil: the 35mm Pan gives me 2.3mm exit pupil, 77x with 0.82. I was looking at something around half this FOV, and had narrowed my choice down to the 19mm Panoptic (1.3mm exit pupil, 145x with 0.45) or the 16mm Nagler (1.1mm exit pupil, 167x with 0.47). I decided on the Nagler because of the greater magnification and slightly larger FOV.
In the meantime, the 10% off sale at Bintel came up, and I wanted to take advantage of that. Only problem was it applied to stocked items only, and the choice of Nagler was limited to 12mm. I'd also found out the 12mm was discontinued, so I thought this might be a chance to get this before new stock ran out. I'm not terribly fussed about the order in which I get my basic set together, and 12mm seemed a good fit between 16mm and 8 or 9mm. I didn't want to go straight for the short f/l eyepieces as I'm still in two minds.

As it turned out, the 12mm wasn't available after all, and so after a phone conversation with Don at Bintel (who was very helpful! ) I was able to substitute the 16mm in the order I'd placed.
So, it looks like my eyepiece set will be 35mm Pan, 16mm Nagler, 12mm Delos, 8mm Delos (likely). This will give a progression of 0.82@77x, 0.47@167x, 0.32@225x and 0.21@338x.
Sorry for the long-winded answer, but you did ask...
I like detailed responses. As I am fairly new to learning the ins and outs of eyepieces (you'd notice this by the questions I ask) I like to know how people think about their eyepiece collection.
I am building my eyepiece collection and I like to know that I am getting the best possible eyepieces both in quality and fit for my set up.
These eyepieces aren't cheap so I hate the thought of someone saying "you should have bought this instead" I ask lots of questions lol
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