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Panorama heads

Anyone who's seen my terrestrial shots lately will have seen I have quite an obsession with panoramas at the moment, usually 3:1.

Even if I don't capture the image in panorama, I usually look to crop to a panorama.

For multi-shot panoramas, I understand that the panoramas should be rotating around the nodal point of the camera lens, but without a panorama head, I've just been 'trying my best' to rotate the camera rather than turn my whole body. Or if it's on the tripod, I've been ensuring it's level and turning around on the shaft rather than the head.

Using AutoPano for stitching, the results have been fine, but at times some images haven't stitched well and I'm guessing it's partly due to not having a panorama head.

Does anyone here have or use a panorama head?

There's various ones around, like:
- Panosaurus 2.0 (review)
- 360 precision (incredibly expensive)
- Nodal Ninja (also expensive)
- Really Right Stuff
- GigaPan (automated controlled, but expensive)

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
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