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Thoughts on standard info to accompany image posts ?

I see a lot of amazing images posted here, but there seems to be a trend to just post the image and not much info about it, what equipment was used etc...

I find seeing an image is only part of it. A lot can be learned about the details used to capture and process the image.

I would like to propose that when at all possible our members include some basic information about their images:


Location: Back yard from light polluted area or crystal clear mountain top
Telescope: eg RCOS 12.5 or WO110 or AP155 etc...
Focal Length: native 900m or 760 with 6.3 reducer etc..
Mount: Paramount ME or GPDX, etc...
Canon 5D, STL, QHY10 etc....
Guiding: Orion Starshoot, PHD etc..., Unguided
Filters: eg IDAS LPS
Image Data: 10 x 4 min Lum, 10 x RGB Binned 2x2 etc....
Processing: Calibration and stacking using tools X, Final processing tool Y etc...

This info at a minimum allows us to learn what image scales, cameras and scopes make good combinations and takes no more than a few minutes to add to a posting.

Thoughts ?
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