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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
I was reading a thread about these new CMOS cameras and one poster had me interested.

He commented that these CMOS cameras are still early and there were a number of issues across various models.

What issues are there? From what I have read amp glow seems to be a problem with some. Cooling and condensation was another. Lack of cooling power another although these sensors are low read noise even at warmer temperatures.

No hardware binning only software binning and its not as effective.

What are users of these types of cameras finding?

ZWO is going for 30 below ambient for cooling, which makes me a bit uneasy for Qld summers - I guess the counter is the weather is so often lousy here for astro that it may not matter.

Binning: I'd like to know more about this as well. I've seen the discussions, but I'm getting an impression that the binning for this camera (QHY in this case, not sure if ZWO will be different) is better than what's been done before. I don't understand it right now, perhaps it's being compared to the popular ASI1600 where the software binning is a fairly useless option.
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