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Slow and painful progress, now I realize why there is a market for ready made piers!😆

Spent two hours trying and failing to drill a hole!

Watched a lot of you tube videos about drilling steel....purchased some cobalt drill bits....4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm.
4 and 6 took a while but got there. 8 chewed up my drill bit, and yanked my shoulder out of its socket, drilled and drilled no joy! 😥

Second problem is machining I think. The mount has a very slight wobble. (Not bolted down yet), I think the Centre machined depression is not flat, or recessed enough.

Lastly still donít know the best solution to secure the mount. Was thinking of 50mm square m12 washers (3mm thick) epoxied to the undersurface to reduce the 32mm opening to m12.

Iím thinking Iíll unbolt the mount and take it back for the fabricator to drill the whole and flatten/sink the recess more! Not sure if ankerscrew bolts are a one way process or can be refitted?
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