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G’Day learned ones,

After a year of cogitation, I’m about to receive my first pier.

It’s a simple design, 200mm square base plate, 160mm steel tube (1m height)and 165mm top plate machined to take my AZEQ6. A hole cut in the side for access and no rat cage.

I had a local fabricator do it for me from my drawing. A senior gent, who had been in the trade for a lifetime and seemed as excited by the project as me.

The pier is going on a concrete and tiled floor. There is a slight camber for rainfall runoff. I plan to remove one tile (permission acquired from her indoors) and bolt the pier down with resin bolts or the like.

I plan to use the mount in EQ and AZ modes.

I know that leveling is not needed for eq, but what about az mode. Will the slight camber effect alignment and goto?

Should I level that small square section of concrete? About 300x300mm. And how? Spacers? Self leveling concrete?

Thoughts would be well appreciated.



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