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Originally Posted by bmitchell82 View Post
I have seen them in action and they work flawlessly with Maxim unsure about CCDsoft but no doubt they would be exactly the same.
Brendan, sounds like you have never used ccdsoft. Making anything work in ccdoft that is not directly supported by Software bisque is somewhere between difficult and impossible I have found. Hence the comment by orion that it will unlikely that it will ever be compatible with ccdsoft.

I use ccdsoft only because it works better with ccdautopilot and adaptive optics, otherwise maxim works better any nearly any situation with automated systems IMHO.

Brendan do you know if the starlight systems are big enough to cover 16803 chip? I read somewhere that they cover an 11k chip but have not had a lot to do with them, if they did cover a sensor that big, I would consider looking into their system.

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