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I looked into the orion a while ago, and what steered me off is 2 things:

1. Describing in the manual how to fix a stuck motor with a screwdriver, and from the reviews I have read, it happens regularly. So I dont think it would work terribly well at the remote rig.

2. Drivers: I have had difficulty using orions drivers with mainstream capture programs in the past. I dont think I could get it to work with ccdsoft and hence ccdautopilot. There is some info on using maxim, but I dont know to what extent it is compatible.

I talked to Greg Terrance of fli about making a unit that provided all the parts this unit had but bigger, enough to cover a 16803 chip.

I really like the idea that the orion would work... If it did I would be first in line to buy it. One of the rigs I run hasnt got the back focus to run both rotator and ao, this unit would make that possible. I did send an email off to orion asking questions about drivers a few days ago and I am yet to recieve a reply.

So if anyone has one on order...... Please let me know how it goes.

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