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Originally Posted by pgc hunter View Post
Great observations Shelltree. Loved your Omega Cen vs M13 obs. There are about 6 globs in the southern hemisphere that trump M13. Nice job sighting IC 2944/Running Chicken Nebula..... this object is generally quite faint and a challenge from suburban skies. I've never observed it from truly dark skies, only from suburban Melb..I'd imagine it to be a rewarding target away from city lights. Also try for Ced 122 on the eastern side of the Coal sack.
I'm about 45 mins from the city so I have darker skies than most suburban homes but still isn't great. Maybe I was seeing something else but I certainly thought it was IC2944

And I'll have to try for Ced 122 next time I'm out

Originally Posted by michaellxv View Post
Great report Shelley, a nice selection of targets a very enjoyable read.
Thanks Michael

Originally Posted by ngcles View Post
Hi Shelley,

You are certainly right about IC 2602 -- it is one of the very best open clusters for binoculars. It is interesting that you noted Spica's colour but didn't see colour in any of the stars in IC 2602 -- which are about as blue as they can be to our vision. There are three stars in the cluster with B-V values that are "more blue" than -0.13 -- the same as Spica. Theta itself is -0.20 (which is exceptionally blue).

I guess maybe the difference is brightness and the brighter star has more capability to saturate your colour receptors.

Take a look again -- see what you think.


Les D
I have a feeling I did notice the blue of the stars in the Southern Pleiades but I was generally so awe struck by how bright and brilliant it was that I didn't note it. I also wrote my report later on and was very tired and probably forgot to add that in Next time I'm thinking I'll voice record it so I can go back to it later
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