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Observation Report 12/6/11

NGC6322 in Scorpius

A strange triangular open cluster of stars with a clump of stars seemingly wrapped in nebulosity at its centre. Below this are two bright golden stars. I found this while searching for NGC6193, an open cluster in Ara. I managed to find NGC6193 as well, a small cluster of white stars, like jewels in the sky.


A faint looking globular cluster in Ara, east of the double star, in the same FOV with binoculars. Dense and fuzzy but very exciting to find!

47 Tuc

Using one of the bright stars in Hydra, I made a triangle with stars in Tucana and easily found 47 Tuc. Dense and dim under an 86.2% waxing gibbous but easily discernible. A very exciting find as I used the planisphere and tracked out the constellations in the sky without assistance.

M13 (NGC6205)

The Great Cluster in Hercules was very faint through binoculars, a very dim fuzzy patch, with sometimes discernible stars horizontally on either side.

M6 Butterfly Cluster

Beautiful and bright, visible naked eye even under a waxing gibbous. Very sparkly and condensed, with clear patterns of stars jumping out at me from the binoculars. The Butterfly Cluster is aptly named and also reminds me of an "X" marking the spot of an amazing treasure in the sky.

M8 Lagoon Nebula/M20 (NGC6514) Trifid Nebula

Very faint nebulosity, mainly in M8 but still easy enough to find, even with the moon so bright. The Lagoon Nebula seemed long and narrow surrounded by dim, greyish dust and gas.

Omega Centauri

Bright as usual though slightly fainter, its form seemingly grey and cloudy due to the waxing moon. Almost impossible to see naked eye without scrutiny.


Appearing very blue and vibrant, even in the glare of the moon. Uncertain whether the bright moon could effect its apparent colour or whether the seeing was just very good (despite the moon).

Corona Borealis

The Northern Crown was fainter than the view of it under dark skies but still reasonably easy to find once I knew where to look. Its brightest star, Alphekka, was like a blue jewel atop a crown, hanging in the shadow of Bootes.

Southern Pleiades (IC2602)

An absolute highlight of the night. So bright and brilliant! A cluster of twinkling jewels, seemingly hanging in the sky, with a few brighter white stars near its core.

Cen Nebula (IC2944)

Clear nebulosity in the centre, seemingly surrounded by bright stars on either side, like arms. Reminds me of the dense parts of The Milky Way, a breathtaking sight.

Cru Cluster (NGC4755) Jewel Box Cluster

Small but still very bright, almost in a triangular pattern.

Brocchi's Cluster (The Coathanger)

Easily discernible after Jason helped me find it! Very bright with crisp stars, especially magnificent through 11x70's. Now renamed Altair's Coathanger!


Fairly dim collection of stars in Centaurus but very pretty nonetheless.


Was easily found underneath Crux, with two bright stars close together, a definite give away of this particular constellation.


Harder to find but eventually found "Peacock" above the tree line which also helped me find Idus beneath. Triangulum Australe consisting of three brighter stars was easily found using "The Pointers" in Centaurus as a guide.

All in all, an amazing night observing with Jason! I was so proud that we found so many objects and familiarised myself with the constellations more!
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