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Last viewing for 2010 in FNQ

We had our group viewing on Saturday night, which was our last for the year. So much moisture around already, making things very tricky.
Took a few pics earlier of Scorpious sinking in the west, trying to capture Mars in its claws, but damn trees captured Mars instead.
Was a great night though with clear skies ... quite a few good objects viewed, satellites and a few good meteors.
Airstrip was a bit damp from a huge amount of rain they had had during the week. The owner said that if we had been there a few days earlier, we would not have been able to get down there!!
We had a welcome from the local cows, all lined up along the back fence.
Quite a few objects were seen and enjoyed. Jupiter was up for starters with a shadow transit of Io, and later was the GRS. This didnt seem to as bright as i would have thought, but perhaps the seeing mucked it up a bit. It was pale spot in the void SEB.
47 Tuc was looking mighty pretty as usual, and the Tarantula was scary.
Other objects enjoyed were NGC 253, M77, M57, Andromeda galaxy with M31 and M101, Orion nebula, Mira, galaxies in Dorado and more.
We searched for Comet Tempel but was too faint for us at nearly mag 11.
The highlight of the night for me was the stunning carbon star W Orionis. Seems it has a period of about 214 days, and decreases to mag 12, and is 699 LY away. It was a glittering red jewel!! As many would know, I am also a lover of carbon stars.
Rex also found Hinds Crimson star in Lepus, R leporis. This is a well known carbon star, but was quite dim on Saturday night. It ranges from 7.3 to 9.8 over 420 days.
Later we checked out Comet Hartley, which has faded to a faint round, nebulous blob.
We called it a night about 0030, our equipment wringing wet.
We pack up now until March/April, though I can do little stints in the backyard.
Bring on 2011!!
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