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Originally Posted by toryglen-boy View Post
thats what i mean Marc, point 4 you made could have been in double dutch!! can you explain it any simpler?


Oops - sorry guys. Got carried away Here's what works for me.
An EL (Electro Luminescent sheet) is great coz it's small/compact and you can shoot your flats under controlled conditions anywhere anytime. Don't have to wait for twilight (evening or morning).

When you shoot a flat, let's say 1s You get a big bright spot in the center dimming towards the edges with the occasional black dust spots there and there. If you use nebulosity do a preview then roll your mouse over the brightest part of the frame and note the ADU value for the pixels you roll over (bottom right in the status bar). Aim for 9000 approx.
When you've determined your ex time, shoot 40 of them and stack them into one master flat. To learn about calibration frames you'll need to do a bit of reading. There are tutorials on this site in the resources section.
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