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1_ Yep. it's normal.
2_ It get's hot on the outside. You'd need to install a DIY temp sensor.
3_ Just common sense - don't induce any thermal shock by opening the freezing camera straight away and putting it into a hot environment. Usually switch it off. As sson as you see water droplets on the cold finger you're good to go.
4_ Best and easiest way in an EL sheet. Aim for 9000-10000 ADU in the brightest part of the bayer matrix.

Originally Posted by toryglen-boy View Post
Hi guys

Ok i picked up my QHY8 yesterday, a big thanks to mtodman who was very helpful regarding getting it going! Am wading through the mire that is the very begginers end, of a steep learning curve, and i have a few questions for the experts.

1. Is the camera meant to get as hot as it does? it feels really quite warm to the touch, all over front and back

2. How do i know if the cooling is working? how can i check the temp?

3. is there a correct procedure for switching it off? i dont want the TEC to turn off, and for all that heat to go straight to the sensor

4. Can someone please demystify taking flats with this, and a good method for doing so, infact, if anyone can point me at any good begineers tutorials, that would be better.


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