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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
This idea is a recipe for a) disaster, and b) crappy final images.

Everyone entitled to their opinion I've used this process on occassions and wouldn't say that my images have been crappy or a total disaster, albiet I'm still in the learning stage.

and to quote another imager from his NGC2070 post if he doesn't mind

"Thanks Rob

The cloudy area is natural from what I can tell, and it was certainly in the data as it appeared. I took several frames at 3x3 binning first and these didn't have it.

I've used darks from a library I've built over several days - at timings from 0.5sec to 3,600sec and at various temperatures. I matched the library darks with the lights individually. I hadn't taken any flats for this one - yet.

The dessicant has been recently baked, so that sould be OK. __________________

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