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Observation Report: 14th January 2008

Location: Melbourne
Seeing: 3/10
Time: 10:00pm - 11:30pm EDST

M45 - I sketched the Pleiades while I was waiting to dark adapt. I'd been meaning to do this for a while, and it took around 20 minutes to sketch the 3 degree field of view. The cluster was framed nicely.

M42/M43 - I sketched this view as well at 49x. This was a good exercise as it focused my attention on looking for shadows and streamers of nebulosity that I wouldn't normally look for. I was happy to glimpse the sixth star in the Trapezium from time to time.

Beta Monocerotis - triple star in Monoceros. Hint of a triple at 77x, easily confirmed at 154x. Great triple star, all very bright, all appear to be white.

NGC 1999
- I had the rather clumsy Sky Atlas 2000 at the eyepiece (no table), which helped my confirm I'd found 1999. Rather dim patch of smudge with an obvious star stamped over it. I was surprised to see it from Melbourne, actually, but there wasn't a lot of detail there.

M78 - obvious misty patch with two stars resolved in it. Kept me interested in trying to trace how far out the nebula extended.

NGC 2244 - open cluster in Monoceros, rather sparse. Couldn't see the Rosette Nebula, which supposedly frames this cluster.

M35 - nice, open cluster in Gemini. Surprised at this one, given how low in the northern glow it was. Nice variety of stellar magnitudes represented, interesting shapes. Two obvious triangles, and a cascading stream of stars were the highlights.

NGC 2264
- the "Christmas Tree" cluster in Monoceros. I take these labels with a grain of salt, but this looks like a christmas tree! A bright star at the base, and also at the tip, and the obvious shape jumping out at you. Put this in the "party night" book of objects to show visitors.

NGC 2392 - planetary nebula in Gemini. Spotted this in the Pocket Sky Atlas, and found it easily at 22x. Swollen star next to a magnitude 8 star. I kept beefing up the magnification, and it kept taking the power well. I maxed out at 154x, and could see the central star, surrounded by a bright halo of gas. Slightly oval in shape. Nice object.
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