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Any problems running a DSI II with Vista?

Santa is apparently buying me a DSI II to get started with imaging (he must have got my email) and I will need a better laptop than my current 120MHz with 128Mb!

Many of the laptops come with some form of Vista installed and only a small percentage have XP. Am I likely to experience problems connecting the DSI to Vista? Or should I just go XP from the start? Will the commonly used image processing software run on Vista? Should I just go XP anyway in order to get raw speed rather than a pretty interface that chews up CPU time!

If I get more serious about imaging, the DSI can be used for autoguiding and I may pick up an EOS.

Thanks guys!

I am sure with all the Christmas astro gear Santa is bringing we can look forward to months of cloudy skies Like the start of this year
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