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Hi Petra,
2 Objects 48 degrees apart in the horizontal. Well you won't want the objects at the opposite extreme LH and RH edges of the image, so you probably need to give them at least 10-15 degrees of breathing room each, so that would suggest a 68 to 78 degree field of view as a minimum. More if you want the 2 objects to appear closer together (in a much wider shot).

So with a 68 to 78 degree horizontal field of view you'd need, taking standard sizes, something in the range of a 28 to 21mm focal length lens on FULL FRAME. For a Canon APSc camera like the 60Da, divide those by a factor of 1.6, so probably around 18 to 14mm taking standard focal lengths. You could possibly also use a wide zoom depending on its quality.

For ISO probably around 400 to 800.

Make sure we get to see your image.

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