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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Wondering could I use an old cannon 300d as a guide camera. Although old it would seem to have a big enough chip...anyways can someone tell me why it won't work...the scope 80 x 400 refractor doublet...

Hi Alex,

I'm not sure if you meant using it as a guide camera to feed a signal to an auto-guided mount, but if you did, then no. The camera does not generate the right sort of control / correction signal for the mount (EQ5 or 6, etc..) to use.

Also although the 300D has a composite video output, it was before Canon employed live view (on/after 450D??) , so I doubt you will be able to see LIVE what the camera sensor is seeing, BUT plug a monitor in to the video output and see what is shows. If the 300D did show the image live (doubtful) you could use it to hand guide the mount with a suitable lens.

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