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Originally Posted by sil View Post
It is for local astronomical obs but I doubt for exoplanet ob, but I dont know where the limit is and I am surprised at the precision some observations in science can make. Gravity waves I read were detected based on a movement of the laser of a fraction of the width of an atom. So maybe someone has found a way? No doubt this sort of precision is more to do with statistics than an absolute measurement.
Hello Sil,

From what I understand, I'd suggest that it had more to do with the measurement. Earlier investigations, in one case an earlier announcement of a "discovery", couldn't really discern any signal beyond the background signal from cosmic dust. It was only through subsequent advancements in the sensor and instrumentation tech. that more precise / improved signal to noise measurements were possible and the first discovery made.

The instrumentation is being improved further allowing them to look even further back and these improvements resulted in another discovery earlier this year even further out.

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