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Most people lust for DSOs early on, but there really is a need for a year or so of "learning the ropes" - polar alignment (really good PA), software, guiding and processing. In the 12 - 18 month most people need to start to get this under control its really not going to matter too much what your main camera is, and after that time who knows what juicy CCD cams might be available (or out there on the 2nd hand market).

There was a recent thread here where Paul said he thought Canon had consistently gone backwards for astro with the DSLRs since the 40D, so picking up a modded 20/30/40D might be an option too.

I had a ton of fun with my 450D for ages, but wouldn't go back from my QHY9. Then again I now spend over 10 times longer on most objects too than I did originally (and meanwhile the 450D is great for the family and now starting to take the odd widefield astro image).

I reckon Logie is right about the ToUcam though - its a no-brainer to have on hand to help with alignment and planetary work, especially with your focal length. What are you planning to use for guiding if you bought the Atik?
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