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I used my Nikon D40 SLR for a year...

I have now upgraded to a QHY8 Pro. There is a bit of a learning curve... but with the few pics I've produced thus far, hold out for the OSC if you can! Not sure what sort of cooling the Atik has... but it sure is nice to set the camera @ -15deg. Hovers right there. I will be cheering during those hot summer nights!!!

Mind you... one of our great Canberra imagers, Humayan, used an SLR for some time before making the jump to CCD. But as a photographer he probably already had the SLRs on hand...

My suggestion? Borrow a digital SLR from any old family members out there, and put it to work while saving for the CCD!

Or buy a $50.00 planetary webcam (Phillips SPC900NC) for your new C9.25, learn a few of the basics, grab Jupiter as it gets higher in the evening sky, mess with the data / Registax... and continue to save for CCD.


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