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Is that thing loaded? hehehehehehehe

Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Hi Lance, that was a very enjoyable read of your journey so far in amateur astronomy and obviously it is not over yet with more interesting chapter to add.

To say I am jealous of some of your observing locations would be an understatement.

Hope to catch up with you one day and share a beer

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Re: next chapter.......

Right, i am so stoaked, at getting to OZ next month!

Be taking a good hard look at Coonabarabran and my next
visit, (hopefully 'round Aug. '08) i'll be looking at Alice....

Kinda like The Alice, just because it's further North. i would
like to see as much of the Milky Way as i can!
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Re: your observing locations

Man, where do i start......

From the Pyramids of Egypt, to the Tibetan Plateau,
to 12,500 ft. in the Andes mountains on the shores
of Lake Titicaca. My Anza observatory/retreat for 17
years, where i could see the dome of Palomar's 200 inch
from my kitchen window. And now making observations
from Mauna Kea's 13,700 foot peak on a regular basis!

After that, all i can say is -15 to -25 is the best! Just
gotta find the right place, and that'll be it, NO MORE
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Re: meet up someday....

i'll be in Sydney on Feb. 26-28th and Coona.....see:

From Feb. 29th - Mar 8th
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May you & yours always be in fine health and
great calm, with gratitude and warm aloha,
Lance aka "abellhunter"
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