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Thanx Ron!

Originally Posted by astroron View Post
Lance and I posted your report on this forum a few weeks ago
It was a great read and I was mightely impressed.
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Maybe we can meet up in late Feb. - early Mar. and get to
know each other under that great southern sky....


G'day astro junkies!

check out this link to see the ARSENAL looking for a new home down under!

See post #354

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We will be heading to Coonabarabran Feb. 26- Mar 9th '08
for a star party & to look at moving the observatory

Aloha, Lance aka "abellhunter"

28" StarMaster w/GOTO & Steve Kennedy optics
17 1/2" truss dob w/DSC
C-14 w/Argo Navis
20 x 125 mm Astro binoc's
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