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abellhunter's Astro bio: Part #6

Part #6 The New Observatory

So after years of mining the sky
with the 3", then the C-11 and finally
the big 17 1/2 dob i had seen it all!
Every object plotted on the Sky Atlas
2000.0 that is. You have to remember
that this was before the Uranometra set
came out! When the 1st edition and then
the even better 2 ed. came out it was
time for that Bigger Scope!

In fact is was at this time that
the C-11 grew to a C14! i found
a good deal on a used one and sold the
C-11 to help pay for it.

On top of that i built a 24 X 28 steel
building with a roll off roof. This
was to house the C-14, a pair of
20 X 125 mm astro binos on a heavy
duty fork mount and a 28" StarMaster
with all the goodies.

You can see all my observatories that i
built and posted about, plus the best
observing run in my life!


and here:

You can read all about my 34 day
observation run with a 22" StarMaster
on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.
This included seeing the 100s of objects
plotted in the Urano atlas, 2nd ed. for
everything in both the LMC and SMC.
Plus my epic Globular Cluster Marathon. With
the help of 2 other hard core astronomers,
in a dusk to dawn marathon we saw a total of
101 globular clusters and made detailed
notes on all of them.

Lance aka "abellhunter"
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