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A few of my sketches

I started sketching this past December using a #2 pencil and printer paper, my first ones of Jupiter. After my first sketch of Mars I started using my daughter's colored sketching pencils and soon bought a small sketching pad. Anyway, with the planets poised for such a good show I did a few of Jupiter and Mars, as well as a couple of Venus.

Recently I was trying out a new polarizing filter and decided to test it on Antares to see if it would cut the glare of the primary, making it a bit easier to see the secondary. Well, it worked. It was such a nice sight I decided to record it in a sketch, which is my first non-planetary.

They're not exactly stupendous or jaw-dropping, but I think they're not half bad for a beginner and wanted to share them with you all. The Jupiter sketch was my first. The pink Mars sketch was done using my Orion Mars Filter. The other three have better descriptions, which I started including as my sketching progressed.

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