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I finally got another chance to use the mount last night and it is turning out to be one of those "Transparent" bits of gear that you just set up and leave to go. The only gripe I have remains that you need to set exposure time in the guide camera control panel as well as in PHD and the settings don't stick on reboots. Relatively minor and I suppose if it really offended me I could always get creative and do a homebrew between the ioptron optics and a de housed ZWO or QHY guide cam. I am very unlikely to do that having worked out settings that work for me, and it really only takes 30 seconds to set up at the start of the night.

Guiding last night ranged from about 1.5" to about 0.6" and I think was mainly seeing influenced and there was some wind to contend with. At worst it was still sub pixel RMS total error for the imaging camera.

Aside from that, I just set up, balanced, powered on, polar aligned and go. The built in homing sensors meant that a "Find home" command was all that was required before jumping straight into precise pointing via plate solving for the first target without having to do an initial plate solve and sync to start the night.
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