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Skywatcher EVOSTAR ED72 thoughts


Been aware of the 72 for sometime but noticed Bintel have it marketed as a guide scope.
Initially I was going to save my dollars for Skywatcher's 80 to work with a HEQ5.
Seems like a responsible investment for a noob taking the more serious AP plunge.
I recently come across a YouTube channel AstroExploring where this gentleman (can't recall his name) seems relative newish to AP and is using the 72. Seems more than capable and probably the right way forward regarding my finances and my very limited experience in AP.
A majority I'm assuming will probably say save longer and go with the 80 or even a 120.
At this stage (and won't be for sometime if at all) I'm leaning t'ward the 72 for its size, price and what I've seen performance wise. And I think it could be a long term investment down the track, as this could eventually become used for its original marketed purpose (according to Bintel) of becoming a guide scope if I ever decide in yrs to come to plunge into a more serious piece of glass or just simply add to the 72 (small guide scope) as I gain experience.
Any advise who be greatly appreciated.

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