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Pretty happy with that, it was bodgy flats (I have not got them nailed yet for the new camera and actually gave dawn flats a try in Voyager for the fist time) and an 80% moon. I will have a proper go at the same target next time opportunity knocks without moonlight.

I was hoping to have another go last night and see if I could get round stars at 20 minutes but it was so windy all night that I just let it run and guide for a couple of hours to ensure there were no unexpected disconnects or other untoward happenings, it just tracked and guided away on Antares until it got down a bit then on 47 Tuc for another couple of hours after that, meantime I was re setting up the SCT for my son to use. PHD log viewer says even in the wind I averaged 0.96" guiding. Same as the night before when it was still! I have yet to spend any significant time fiddling with PHD2 settings to try to nail the guiding down better, but sub arcsecond out of the box is not bad.
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