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Congratulations Paul.

It certainly looks very nice.

I have not placed an order, I came very close but have backed off mainly because I realised I don't have anything to put on one really.

My grand plans have been sensibly reduced to getting another eq6 and another zwo mono and basically be happy with the scopes I have...the roll off was to house a 16 inch on an eq8 but I am now just going to set up my eight inch and 115 mm in it and the 80 mm and a wide field camera in the small observatory I build recently...

However I am waiting on every word you have on your new mount..looking at it it looks like a piece of art you could have in the lounge room.

I can't wait to hear how the built in guiding works...the only reason I backed off was I just can not imagine waiting for something like it to arrive at the post office...

I do hope you get a run on Friday night as I can't wait to hear your impressions.

I dare not ring the supplier because I think if he has a spare I could grab it...a lot depends on your next report. But it just is such a sensible design and clearly given the balancing you noticed must mean it is going to be something else when tracking.
Again congratulations.
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