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Failed search of Encke

Last night in Melbourne I didn't bother setting up for imaging as the forecast was for cloud to start coming in from around midnight; perfect night for some visual.

I thought I might try and chase down the Encke Division but after checking back periodically over the course of a few hours and looking at the Cassini Division I thought think there was a hope in hell of spotting the Encke.

Not to worry, I started looking at some of the moons and noticed a few fainter points of light so started taking note of what I was seeing and checked it against a catalog.

There is the main offenders that were the most visible and never disappearing; Titan, Rhea, Dione and what I later found out was just a bog standard boring star. I did at first think this star was Enceladus but it wasn't quite in the right spot and after more careful observation I did eventually have multiple fleeting moments where Enceladus and Tethys popped into view.

I did go on the search of Mimas and as much as there was a couple of occasions where I thought I may have seen something I'm pretty sure the conditions weren't up to it last night. Enceladus was too sporadic for Mimas to be detected.

Observations were done with the Mewlon 250 @ F/10
Baader MkV
Pair of TV 20mm Plossls
Baader Zeiss Prism
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