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Hello Ernie (and all),

I read this thread with interest because I have long been looking for a way to use the Orion Starshoot Autoguider with Ascom. However, I believe you are incorrect here and might be relying on a post at SB:
This post is about the Orion Starshoot Pro V.2 not the Autoguider camera.

I have been in touch directly with Evan and he wrote that there is no Ascom driver for this camera (the autoguider) but that it is essentially the same camera as the QH5Y. The Ascom driver for the QH5Y will not work with the Orion camera. He indicated that some users may have flashed the Orion camera to a QH5Y but cautions that this may "turn the camera into a brick!" (Interesting idea though). He also said that he has tried on a few occasions to work with Orion on developing an Ascom driver but that they are unresponsive. (I've urged him to try one more time!)

I'm ressurecting this older thread just to clarify as I know a lot of people want this function for the camera. If I get further info on how to convert an Orion to a QH5Y I will post it!

PS I agree with your comments in response to negative comments about SB. They have nothing to do with these issues. People like Evan need to be thanked for their very hard and valuable work. Perhaps the "vitriol" should be directed at Orion...

PPS: There used to be an Ascom driver for the original Starshoot Autoguider that was posted here (broken link). Does anyone have this old driver?

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